The Professional Traders


There is a little known secret in the stock market. A secret few traders or investors ever learn about...Let me cut to the chase.

Each of the world's stock exchanges are heavily influenced by small, elite groups of traders commonly called the Smart Money, Professional Traders, Syndicate Traders, or simply the Big Money. These people are stock market players that have huge purse strings to guide the overall direction of the markets - literally at the push of a button. The small players stand little chance...

The Professional traders - They will use every technique in their power to fool the average investor, time and time again. The cold, hard truth is this...

The stock market is designed to have you buy at market tops and sell at market bottoms. Why? To make as much money as possible for the Smart Money - simple, really.

It's been said that up to 90% of all retail investors lose money in the stock market probably because they let their emotions tell them when they should enter and exit stock trades. But they do not realize that they have been tricked on a grand scale! They do not realize that the decision to buy in the first place, most often at the wrong time, was planted in their heads psychologically by the news media, which the Professionals influence heavily.


Do you remember when oil was $130/barrel and climbing? All you saw on TV, the newspapers, website blogs, etc, was ...WHEN oil hits $200-$250/barrel, and WHEN gasoline is $5.00/gallon, etc. This set up the retail investor psychologically to fail - Since it was "well known" that oil would go to $200/barrel and would be an easy profit. But of course, what did the professionals do? The Smart Money were literally SELLING their oil shares to the retail investors that were BUYING long into oil at the same time! Without the Professionals supporting a price level in ANY security, prices WILL fall. Oil fell hard right after that. Many investors got burned badly during that run.



On May 6th, 2010, aka, "The Flash Crash", or, "Someone in a supply closet in the basement at Proctor&Gamble hits *A* button and the entire market reels down 9% in an hour!" What!!?? (Please tell me you don't believe this nonsense!) ...The Professionals decided to "Shake The Financial Tree" just to see who falls or jumps off! ...then they could just simply buy up the freshly sold positions ...Cheap! This was the largest single daily price spread in stock market history. Look for many more of these "Glitches" in the future.


These examples are not rare exceptions, but the norm in the stock market. In fact, every single major, and minor, stock market trend change is due to Smart Money manipulation:

- The rise and fall of the Dow Jones Industrial Average during the 1920's

- "Black Monday" - October 19th, 1987's huge crash...

- The 2000 Dot-Com Mega Bubble...

- The 2008 Greek crisis / US banking scandal...

...the list goes on and on. These cycles of deceit have been happening for many years, over and over again - and will probably continue to happen in the future, except with even more volatility - and it will always be at the expense of you - the retail investor.

Ask yourself this question... "If it was an "accident" that the market fell so hard on May 6th, then why was the Smart Money selling the market SHORT in late April?" This is how the real stock market works - the stock market that you will NEVER read about in newspapers or on TV. There are NO accidents in the stock market. It is all a grande scheme, cleaverly planned out, to steal your money, and its probably worked quite well on you so far - until now!

C2Vtrader members were already SHORTING the market from April 27th's open, profiting nicely as the market fell for the next couple of weeks. Finally, going long in the market at the end of August for another profitable run. 


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