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The C2Vtrader Mission

"Our goal from the beginning of the C2Vtrader swing trading system development process was to provide the most accurate, timely, and relevant stock market trend indicators as possible for the common retail investor. Additionally, to educate investors worldwide to some of the realities of the stock market, and just how widespread and serious of a topic professional trader influence is throughout the entire financial system."


Who or What is a "C2V"?

It's both, actually...

"C2V" stands for "Callaghan-Clark Volatility".

Daniel Callaghan and Welling Clark are the owners and developers of C2Vtrader.com - a website dedicated to successful stock market trading through a proven computerized trading analysis model.



Why Offer This Service?

We realized that the true benefit of our system was far bigger and far more serious than just how it affects us - this threatens the very fabric of our financial structure! We wanted to help out honest people succeed in a system that was created to ruthlessly take money from them at every turn. We feel like we have a great stock market swing trading system that can truly benefit our members.



To your future success,

Dan Callaghan and Welling Clark





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