The C2Vtrader Methodology


After learning many techniques to track professional stock trading activity, we began developing computer software that could automate the tedious process of calculating stock market trend probabilities - The C2V Indicator was born.


The C2V Indicator

The C2V Indicator™ has been nearly 80% accurate from the start of development. Rigorous back-testing has been performed on the S&P500 Index, and other broader market indexes, as well as many other stocks and ETFs with very positive results. It started out to be a program that accepted various stock market data inputs, and was successful, but soon we realized that more in-depth information could be useful in giving us a longer-term scope of market sentiment, so we began development of The C2V Oscillator™ .



The C2V Oscillator

The C2V Oscillator™ looks at a broader picture of market data to gain a general view on longer moving trends in the broad market. It shows shifts in professional activity and commitment over longer periods of time.





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