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To trade ETFs and stocks successfully you will need a reliable, non-emotional swing trading system that will detect what the Professional traders are doing, and when they are doing it, so you can simply trade along with them."








3 Steps to Success in the Markets:
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#1: Follow the Trend.


In order to buy low and sell high, you need a simple swing trading system that will detect major stock and ETF trends.

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#2: Check Your Email.


Simply look for an email each evening for new stock trades and market updates from us.

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#3: Trade Our System.


Our swing trades are typically posted in the member's area the night before the market opens.


A Better Swing Trading System?


The C2Vtrader™ trading system was created to empower the average retail investor to make nice gains trading ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and stocks... Safely and consistantly. Developing our trend system was not easy, but through hundreds of hours of research, planning, program development, and over 30 years of market experience, our proprietary computer-based model, The C2V Indicator™, has been able to achieve very nice results for our members!

The C2Vtrader Stock and ETF Trading System takes the emotion out of your trades by giving you easy-to-follow instructions. We are one of the best index trading systems available focusing on tracking SP500 ETF buy and sell signals. We frequently trade ETFs based on various commodity, financial, and index-related securities - all of these are designed to profit from the "imbalances" in the market that the Professionals create.


The C2V Indicator 5-Year Equity Curve


Is The C2V System Right For Me?


The C2Vtrader method can benefit many types of investors to include:

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Investors: Any investor that has lost money in the market and is cautious of getting back in. An investor that does not want a rigorious investment schedule, but still looks for a healthy return with manageable risk.

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Swing Traders: Traders that like to play the short-to-intermediate term trend strategies. Tracking the SP500 Index ETF's are at our system's core. That is what keeps our members on the right overall direction in the markets the vast majority of the time.

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IRA Investors: Since many of our trades are based on index, commodity, and stock ETFs, which can be bought and sold excatly like any stock, our ETF trade system can benefit IRA customers greatly in helping them build their retirement accounts up dramatically over time.

IRA and 401k market timing, stock investing

401K Investors: Although typically your company 401k does not allow you to profit from a falling market, our system is excellent at keeping your money safe (being in cash) when it's too dangerous to be invested in stocks, or long (owning stocks, ETF's, or bonds) only when it will be the most profitable for you to own them. You're 401K will "Stair-Step" its way to much higher levels, and with far less risk over the long-term.

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E-Mini S&P: Traders that need a timing signal for the Emini S&P on a short-to-intermediate term timeframe.

The most successful investors and traders in history have understood and mastered the concept of multiplying their money over time. Our trade strategy is how true wealth is created - safely building your portfolio up over time...let your money do the work for you.

Try our trending system free for 30 days.

Try out the C2VTrader Trade System Risk-Free for thirty days! If you are unhappy with our service for ANY reason - simply cancel your subscription within 30 days and you will owe nothing - you can cancel your membership at any time.


Although we are always improving the system, we honestly don't know how to make our system less stressfull, more profitable, and with lower risk for this type of trading then what it is.





Look, it doesn't matter where the markets goes from here, and for how long...


It doesn't make any difference which company had what earnings...


And it certainly doesn't make any difference what is said in the media...the Smart Money are most likely in 'tight' with the media. The news media is advertising excatly what the Professional stock traders are selling to you...the worst investment advice imaginable!


NONE of those things matter...as a matter of fact, we urge you to ignore them altogether.


The only thing you need to be concerned with is this...


"Are the Professional traders buying when you are buying, and are they selling when you are selling?"....knowing this is what will bring you the safest, most consistant profits - no matter what you you are investing in.


Professional activity accounts for up to 80% of ALL activity in the market - each and every day. That activity is what creates up and down stock trends in mutual funds, ETFs, and ultimately all broader market index securities. The entire market structure has been created, literally, to influence the small trader and investor into making poor decisions on a regular basis, as frequently as they can get away with - Yes, you guessed it, it's a complete sham.


If you are tired or discouraged by your performance, we can help you achieve the gains you have always wanted in the stock market, and we do this with integrity.



Join Us...


The hardest part about being an investor or trader is timing - knowing when to get in and out of the market. That is what the C2Vtrader Trading System is all about! Keeping you on the right side of the market, as often as possible - Maximizing your winning trades and minimizing your losing trades.


We have been victims in the markets in the past, just like you. Before we developed the C2V Indicator, we had lost money based on a hidden stock trading world we knew nothing about...Well, those days are over! Many people do not realize the cold, hard, very ugly truth...there will always be losers in the stock market - There HAS to be...the markets couldn't function without them, literally! The only question is which team are you going to play on? You have a choice.


Take this opportunity to profit with us and become a C2V Trader, as we Track the Professional Traders!


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If you are unhappy for ANY reason...just cancel your subscription within 30-days, and you owe zero!


The Pros are relentless...they will never stop running their shell game! Check your emotions at the door, and join today to be apart of a successful trading community. This could be one of the most important financial decisions you make in your lifetime.


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